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Company registration

We help you start up your own company to be a forex & CFDs broker from the very first step of corporate establishment through incorporation, providing multiple jurisdictions including Hong Kong, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Saint Vincent and more. Brokerage regulation and licensing setup is also provided, securing your corporate with high trust-ability by acquiring licenses such as: FSP, FSC, Vanuatu, Belize and more.

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Website development

A website is an indispensable part of the company's image. We help you build your company’s website with unique design, easy navigation, useful content, traders’ account opening and management function.
● Website layout development
● Content write-up
● Content management system development
● Payment gateway integration
● Domain registration
● Website launch and maintenance

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PSP integration

In the financial market where time is money, we understand the importance of a fast and smooth payment gateway not only to brokers but also to investors. Thus we complete integration of the most stable and popular payment wallets to enable superfast and convenient processing of payments and withdrawals from traders.

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Trading platforms

We provide MetaTrader 4 multi-asset platform that allows trading forex and CFDs. It offers superior tools for comprehensive price analysis and use of algorithmic trading applications.
● Convenient and powerful trading functionality
● Professional technical and fundamental analysis tools
● Integration with popular liquidity providers
● Superior performance and speed characteristics

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Call center system development

Aside from the basic setup of a call center which enable buying phone numbers, recording and monitoring calls, etc, we emphasize more on helping you train up qualified client support personnel. Because retail forex trading remains very much a niche product, it’s rare to easily find a pool of talented individuals who possess an FX background. Thus we provide training and mentorship service to help you build a support and sales team that “speaks” forex. Additionally, we can also offer lead generation services as part of our call center package.

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CRM development

CRM is the lifeblood of any retail brokerage. By building an effective CRM, we make you stay in touch with traders easy. You can reach out to your traders through the platform through integration you’re your phone system, email sender, SMS and create notifications for key events, margin calls, and marketing campaigns. You can also track the performance of your affiliates, sales and retention team from a central location.

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Server hosting

Our data centers are located in Hong Kong with ultra-low latency. You can rely upon our servers that offer the same level of data security required of the banking industry. While other data storage providers react only when something goes wrong, we monitor your servers and applications 24/7 and notify you immediately with any concerns.

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Market analysis service

Traders’ demand for market analysis service has been growing. Yet it is not always possible for a broker to build and maintain a research team that can accommodate customers’ strong need. We help you solve this problem through both technologies and our strong human resource base of market analysts. We use latest deep learning technologies to get probability distributions of future market rates, alongside independent opinion from global research team. The system generates predictions for a wide range of asset class from 15 minutes to one year ahead.

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